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Originally deHoog moved safes and heavy articles through out Holland.

The 1950’s brought Anton deHoog to Canada where he continued business in the family tradition.

Jim Kramer joined the firm in 1974 and directed it toward piano moving exclusively. deHoog has moved such classic pianos as the English Broadwood and unique ones like the Dutch Rippen (a grand with a frame of aircraft alloy).

European and Asian pianos are usually found in our daily schedule. We would be pleased to have your instruments join company with the Steinways, Basendorfers and other fine pianos that have been our clientelle.

Piano moving is not for the faint of heart. The grandeur nature of pianos makes them extremely susceptible to damage while moving. That’s why it is essential that you hire a professional for this job.

Right from the pickup to the delivery, we make sure that every step is performed with care, accuracy, and excellence. Ground floor or 3rd floor – It doesn’t matter where the piano is located, we will move it without any problems. Our 44 years of experience has allowed us to include the expertise and equipment required for a successful and stress-free piano move. All of the equipment that we use is specially made for piano moving.

Piano Moving is Our Specialty

There are many businesses that claim to be piano movers in Mississauga but most of them are general home movers who take piano moving as a side business. But we at DeHoog Piano Movers do piano moving exclusively. We have devoted all of our energy towards one exclusive task that is professional piano moving, for 44 years. And now we are proud to say, we are specialists in it.

From piano moving to piano packing, climate controlled storage to safe disposal, we have evolved our services to fit all of your piano moving needs. So if you want to move a piano of any size or scale, just call us toll-free at (866)346-7853.

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